Pray for Preemptive Love Coalition


In preparation for our Church in Action week, which starts Wednesday, Feb. 28, we appreciate your intentional prayers for the 33 ministries we support globally and locally. Each and every ministry and missionary holds great value in demonstrating the love of Jesus, but today we will focus on one of our ministries that will be here during Church in Action week — Preemptive Love Coalition.

Our theme for Church in Action this year is “Love in Action.” It is not hard to see how Preemptive Love fits into this theme. In Syria, where civil war has displaced half the population and ISIS maintains a foothold, Preemptive Love is feeding families, responding to chemical attacks and rebuilding homes. In Iraq, where decades of war have decimated institutions and ISIS has displaced millions, Preemptive Love is providing frontline relief and helping refugees rebuild. Where violence has robbed families of everything and seeks to drive us apart through fear, Preemptive Love is on the front lines of this conflict, engaging in love in the midst of war. 

Today, in your First 20, pray for Church in Action week: 

  • For all our visiting supported ministries and missionaries to sense our love and support
  • For events to be well-attended
  • For our Walnut Hill family to be blessed 
  • For those who Preemptive Love serves and loves in these war-torn and devastated countries to know the love of Jesus
  • For peace and the light of Jesus to shine brightly even in the darkest places where terror reigns
  • For God’s goodness, comfort and mercy where all seems to be lost

Our God hears,
Jennifer Cardinal