God Is Our True Home

“Do you not know that you are a house of God and that the Holy Spirit lives in you?” — 1 Corinthians 3:16 (New Life Version)

There is something about the word “home.” The dictionary defines home simply as “something that relates to or happens inside the place where a person or family resides.” Yet, for most of us, home means so much more. Home may stir up warm memories of family and love, or it may make us long for something we never had. Regardless, home seems to be something we all want on some level. There is even a word designated for this longing – homesick.

Four and a half years ago, when my family and I moved from the West Coast to New England, I had no idea just how much my heart would begin to know what it meant to be homesick. This sense of loss drew me near to God as I longed for that which I knew. God used my pain to show me home was not a place on a map or a certain house. It was being with Him. God wanted me to know this truth in a much deeper way. I am not talking about some Pollyanna form of positive thinking but truly a pressing into His promises despite my circumstances and all the overwhelming feelings. God wanted me to know that He resided in me and He was my home. 

Four years later, my family has been blessed to purchase our first house here in Bethel. It has been a gift and a time of celebration. But the bigger gift has been how God has established within my soul that He is my home. 

While we live temporarily on earth, God calls us to pitch our tents where He leads and to stand on the truth that He alone is enough. We may find ourselves wandering much like the Israelites, but God is our foundation, our sustenance and the answer to our longings. We will fully know this in its entirety when we finally go to that Promised Land – our true home in Heaven. Until then, we invite His Spirit to fill us by pointing our compass to our true north and true home – Jesus.

Friends, we live in a broken world, and we all ache and long for people, places and things. If you find yourself like me – longing for home or perhaps something else – invite the Holy Spirit into that longing. Instead of temporary earthly comforts, ask Him to fill that hole with His promises, His Word and His love. May His love and presence surround you. May you know this truth in a real way, even amid the heartaches life can bring. May you know He is within you and He is your home. 

Our God hears,
Jen Cardinal