Facing the Future by Remembering His Past Faithfulness

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“Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all His benefits.” — Psalm 103:2

Sick in bed again … another day of missing work … another day in my dark bedroom unable to be the wife or mother I want to be. I have prayed a million times for these migraines to go away and nothing. They keep coming back as fierce as they have ever been. I feel like my life is not my own. Why won't God heal me? Can't I be healed of these migraines once and for all? I can't stand this!

Yet, as I look to God’s Word and bring my thoughts to Him, I am reminded that He is the God who spun the universe into existence. He created the mountaintops, the clouds in the sky and the rivers that flow. He is the God who parted the Red Sea and brought down the walls of Jericho. He is the God who walked this earth as a man, died for our sins and offers salvation. He is the God of love, mercy, forgiveness and grace. 

As I look to my own life, He gently reminds me that He has always been with me and that He hears all my prayers. I recall how He has delivered a loved one from the stronghold of addiction, raised me out of a pit of depression and brought those I hold dear to Christ.

As I turn my thoughts from my circumstances and thank Him for what He has done, my angst is transformed into gratitude — not despite my circumstances but in the very midst of them. As I thank Him for what He has done, I begin to thank Him for what He will do and what He is doing today. 

In our First 20 today, no matter the trials we face, may we remind ourselves of what God has done. The greatest reminder of all is what He has done on the cross. We may not be able to escape our circumstances, but we can turn our thoughts to Him. May our hearts be transformed as we remember what He has done, and may we rest in the peace of knowing He is not only the God of yesterday but also of tomorrow and today. 

What has gone done in your life that you can thank Him for today?

Our God hears,
Jennifer Cardinal