Sacred Echoes


“Lord, in the morning you will hear me; in the morning I will present my case to you and then wait expectantly for an answer.” Psalm 5:3 NET

Over this past week, I found myself in three different scenarios, yet each one resonated with a distinct confirmation that the Lord sees me, hears me and cares about my concerns. They felt like holy moments between God and me — sensing His presence and hearing His voice speak to me through others, who confirmed things that were on my heart, though not shared. 

Christian author and speaker Margaret Feinberg uses the words “sacred echoes” to describe “moments where God speaks the same message again and again to your heart. He often uses the repetition of a phrase, word or idea represented in Scripture not only to get, but keep, our attention.”

For me, this week has been filled with sacred echoes that have felt like abundant rain in a parched desert. God has been speaking very clearly to encourage me that He sees me and hears me. 

The referenced Scripture reassures us that the Lord hears us and then that we are to wait expectantly for an answer. My sacred echoes from this past week have brought this Scripture alive to me in a fresh way. It inspires me to look expectantly for those sacred echoes that the Lord has specifically for me. 

Will you join me in waiting expectantly for those moments – where the “persistent voice of God” reminds us that He is with us, that He is faithful and that He is fighting on our behalf?

Our God truly hears and sees,

Lynne Bauman